Tim Trevino

Height: 5'9"
Year: 2009
Number: 2
Position: Setter
Hometown: San Antonio
Volleyball experience: 1.5 yrs club
About me: Introducing me! I am a senior Kinesiology major wishing
"senior" meant I would be graduating this year...I am  crazy, loud, and
quirky.  I am scent sensitive to the point that I can often diagnose
illness by sniffing someone.  I have a very strange sense of humor and
am always laughing...mostly by myself and when someone is trying to be
serious(gets me in a lot of trouble).
Favorite volleyball player: The Professor
Favorite practice activity: Water breaks

Food: Chips & Queso
Guitar Hero/Rock Band song: Radiohead-Creep
Bible verse: Anything in Timothy!!
Music: Obsessed with acoustic music