Eric Ojeda

Height: 6' 15^ 4” 9* sin(pi)
Year: '09
Number: 11
Position: Ball Smacker Guy
Hometown: Dallas, Tejas
Volleyball experience: This one time at band camp I hit a ball so hard
in front of a guy that it bounced up and hit him in the face and blew
him backwards into the wall, and I laughed so hard and started screaming
“BACK WALL!!!” This is the true meaning of that phrase and my favorite
volleyball experience.
About me: I am a level 87 moltenslayer HP2760/MP3590, Spell Crit: 45%,
Armor: 2580, with preferred skills in magic. I have many velcro attachments
that add agility and strength to help me last through the longer and
more arduous dungeon crawls that I play solo. I have a full Juicy Couture
armor set that gives me bonuses in intelligence and stamina, and a very
rare and unique Green Turtle Vest that gives me 500 extra mana points,
decreases the chance of being dealt a critical hit when fighting against
dragons and automatically steals the keys to all the lasses hearts when
equipped. My favorite weapon is the Deathaxe of a Thousand Lifetimes
that can do 269 damage and is enchanted with fire and lighting to do
more elemental damage against dirty garden gnomes. I am ranked 3rd
highest in PvP Arena matches with my teammates “ChuddyDuddyXXX219”,
“CharlieChosnoskovich16”, and “LeeroyJenkinstheTurd”. I am owner
and Head Concha of the “Lollipop” guild and currently there are
over 1000 people who have joined our ranks to do battle. In real life
I am a huge nerd and have no friends. ;-)
Favorite volleyball player: Clay Stanley
Favorite practice activity: Bomb City Lines
Food: quesaditas, a.k.a. mini quesadillas
Guitar Hero/Rock Band song: Tom Sawyer
Music: Any songs played out of an arcade game machine circa 1987
Facebook link: