Brett Wolfe

Height: 5'10
Year: 2012
Number: 6
Position: Outside Hitter
Hometown: Orlando, Florida
Volleyball experience: 3 years middle school volleyball, 4 years High
School Varsity team, 4 years Orlando Gold club team, 1st year of Texas
A&M club team
About me: My favorite tv shows are The Fresh Prince of Bel Air and Boy
Meets World. I take a nap everyday. I like playing ping pong and Halo
3.  I am the youngest of 4 brothers. My favorite Disney movie is Lion
King. My favorite Super Nintendo games are Ken Griffey Jr. Baseball and
Super Mario RPG. My favorite movie is Zoolander.
Favorite volleyball player: Reid Priddy
Favorite practice activity: hitting lines

Food: My mom's potroast and mashed potatoes
Bible verse: Psalm 73:25