Baylor Tournament Results

This weekend was a very successful weekend for the team. We left for Waco at the butt-crack of dawn to do some playing, and we did some playing. Both A and B teams won both of their matches (against Baylor and Texas State).

First Team:

Warmup Game vs Texas State: 25-14

1st Match vs Baylor: 25-10; 25-20

2nd Match vs Texas State: 25-23; 25-16

Second Team:

Warmup Game vs Baylor: 23-25

1st Match vs Texas State: 11-25; 25-21; 15-11

2nd Match vs Baylor: 24-26; 25-12; 16-14


ALSO, Congrats to the Varsity Women's Team. They beat Baylor in straight sets today!